Lovas Ag Consulting

Lovas Consulting provides a variety of services in the ever-growing field of crop consulting. Assisting growers in soil science, pest and weed control, and drainage recommendations, as well as topography mapping for precision agriculture zone maps, Lovas consulting has the experience and attention to detail you need for your farming operation. While Lovas Consulting has been around for a couple of years, the company’s founder, Sarah Lovas, has been working with farmers her entire life, first as a farmer’s daughter, then an agronomist, and now farmer and soil scientist. As an independent crop consultant, Lovas Consulting can help you discover soil health, better yields, and more profit for your agronomic business!

Our Services
Crop Consulting

Crop consulting is the core of Lovas Consulting. Our services help guide how you manage your crop each season. We also assist in managing pests for more efficient chemical application. Learn More

Precision Ag

Precision agriculture is the future of modern farming. To be the most efficient in a competitive marketplace, trust the expert precision ag services from Lovas Consulting LLC to determine the best precision ag practices for your operation. Learn More

Soil Sampling/Soil Science

Soil Sampling is an important part of understanding and maintaining the soil profile of your fields. Lovas Consulting tracks where sampling is done year to year to compare results. Learn More