Precision agriculture is the future of modern farming. To be the most efficient in a competitive marketplace, trust the expert precision ag services from Lovas Consulting LLC to determine the best precision ag practices for your operation.

Variable Rate Technology

Lovas Consulting works with you to determine variable rate fertilizer prescriptions. We help with seeding and planting, in-furrow starter fertilizer application at planting, and sidedressing.

pH grid data for VRT FeEDDHA no ownerLovas Consulting recommends in-furrow applications for starter fertilizer and for managing FeEDDHA (Iron Deficiency Chlorosis) in soybeans. In-furrow application has proven to be an effective way of controlling Iron Deficiency Chlorosis. As an expert in Iron Deficiency Chlorosis, Sarah Lovas has special knowledge in controlling this yield killer and bringing back a healthy crop.CaCO3 grid data for VRT FeEDDHA no owner


Lovas Consulting works with controllers from:

  • Precision Planting
  • John Deere
  • Raven

Yield Data Processing

YieldData2Lovas Consulting helps to process your yield data in either grids or zones within your fields. We have experience with sugar beet data and can also process combine or harvester data.*

*Combines and harvesters must be calibrated carefully, especially if more than one combine is harvesting in the same field. Lovas Consulting will not process uncalibrated data.


LiDAR TopographyProper drainage is crucial to your farming operation. Lovas Consulting creates topographical data from your planter or combine, or other planting equipment. We go a step further to drive the low spots of your fields where drainage is even more important.

At Lovas Consulting we utilize maps from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)– remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distance) to Earth. These light pulses, combined with other data recorded by the airborne system, generate precise, three dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics.

From there, we blend together topography data from your equipment, LiDAR, and the information from driving the low spots to create a more complete topography map. The map shows depressions and other characteristics of your fields.

We work with Ditch Pro and SD Drain ditching programs.