Soil Sampling is an important part of understanding and maintaining the soil profile of your fields. Lovas Consulting tracks where sampling is done year to year to compare results. This helps us, and you, know how soil management is affecting the soil profile.

At Lovas Consulting, we use both zone sampling and grid sampling to determine soil pH.

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Lovas Consulting LLC works with farming operations in the Red River Valley. Because variability does not exist in the Red River Valley, it is important to sample. Sampling can be done by:


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VRT FeEDDHA based on grid no ownerZone Perscription Schoolhouse PotashZone sampling example

Conventional method

Bohn 1 SOuth Grid Sample Results




Lovas Consulting believes in utilizing professionals when analyzing your soil. We trust all of our samples to Agvise Laboratories in Northwood, North Dakota.